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We know that it’s the little things that mean so much to our customers, which is why every item you receive from Gabriel Jewelers is presented to you in a box and gift bag. Of course, individual gift wrapping is available upon request. We work hard to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations and this is just one way that we do that.

As mentioned, we are full-service jewelry store that offers top-notch customer service, expert jewelry repairs, official appraisal services, one-of-a-kind custom creations, an extensive bridal selection and designs from some of the world’s top jewelry designers and watch manufacturers.

We look forward to serving you for many more generations to come.

Rhodium Plating

Rhodium is often used to plate white gold jewelry.  Because of the very bright and shiny nature of rhodium, it gives white gold a nice “pop.”

Rhodiumed rings look whiter and brighter. More often than not, white gold pieces of jewelry you see in jewelry stores have been rhodium plated.  It’s the final step in lots of white gold jewelry.  Again, it gives pieces the “pop” and “zing” that we like and come to expect.

Likewise, silver jewelry is frequently rhodium plated.  Not only does this add shine and sparkle to the piece, but it helps in resisting tarnishing.

As you can imagine, rhodium plating is a relatively inexpensive way to turn a yellow gold piece of jewelry into a white gold piece of jewelry.  

                  Expert Watch Repairs and Batteries


At Gabriel Jewelers we know how much you rely on your watch to get you through your day – and keep you on track and on time! When your watch starts to slow down a bit, or stops all together, that can be a sign that your battery is dying and it’s time to replace it. What if a battery doesn’t fix the problem? Well then, the issue could be mechanical and if that is the case our expert watchmaker will diagnose the problem and give you an estimate.

A watchmaker is someone who repairs and services watches and clocks. It is really a lost art and these skilled craftsmen are hard to come by – but we are very fortunate to have one of the best working with us. If you have an old pocket watch or other family keepsake watch that you’d like to have restored that can certainly be done, and done at a fair price.

Here are some of the watch services we offer at Gabriel Jewelers:


Battery Replacement

You should never try to change a watch battery on your own. If you do not have training, and the right tools, you run the risk of permanently damaging the back of your watch. While trying to pry the back off you could scratch or dent the back – and even make it less water resistant. When you bring your watch to Gabriel Jewelers for a new battery you will be treated to fast and reliable service performed by trained professionals.

Watch Band Replacement and Sizing

If you watch band is looking a little tired and worn, you should stop by our store and we can replace the old band and fit your watch with a brand new one. We can also size your watch band while you wait so it fits just the way you like it – it only takes a few minutes and you’ll be good to go!


Most people wear their watch every day but not everyone realizes that they need to have their watch cleaned to keep it looking new and in good working order. There are two types of watch cleanings. One is a cosmetic cleaning, sometimes referred to as a “boil out.” This is where the movement is removed and the outer casing and band are thoroughly cleaned. If you have a metal band this is really great because the dirt and debris that get trapped between links, and cause them to break, is removed. The other is an internal cleaning of the movement that must be done by our watchmaker.

Crystal Replacement

Most watch crystals (the clear covering that covers the dial) are made of plastic, mineral, or sapphire. The sapphire crystal is found on fine watches and is the most scratch resistant of the three. Sometimes the crystal is just a little scratched and in some cases we are able to just buff the scratches out – but if we can’t then we can definitely replace it.

Gaskets and Pressure Testing

If you rely on the fact that your watch is water resistant, then you’ll want to make sure that you have the gaskets replaced every year. Gaskets can break down over time, which can leave your movement vulnerable to moisture. This is a very inexpensive investment to ensure your movement stays nice and dry. If you use your watch for diving or other underwater activities, it is also important to have your watch pressure checked anytime the back is removed, or if it’s been awhile since the last test was done.

Repair Movement

If you have a wind-up watch or a watch with an automatic (self-winding) movement that stops working or isn’t keeping accurate time despite your attempts to keep it running, then you should have it looked at by our watchmaker. We will let you know what needs to be repaired and give you an estimate before doing any work. When a new battery doesn’t get your quartz movement watch running again, then it may be time for some work on the movement. Again, we’ll let you know what needs to be done and how much it will cost.


At Gabriel Jewelers our watchmaker is qualified to work on any watch. We service modern or vintage watches and nearly every luxury brand, including Rolex, Omega, Rado, Movado,Tag Heuer, Patek Philippe, Chopard, Bulova Accutron, Tissot, Cartier, Breitling, Longines, Baume & Marcier, and many more.



Jewelry Appraisal

There are a number of reasons why having your jewelry appraised is a good idea. An appraisal is a document that gives vital details about your jewelry items, which are important to know if you plan on insuring it, selling it privately, liquidating assets or settling an estate.

At Gabriel Jewelers our highly-trained, and certified, in-house jewelry appraiser will provide you with an appraisal that includes:

  • Gemstone identification and quality grades which include the color, clarity and cut. If gemstones are set into the mounting the gemologist will give an approximate weight determined by formula; if they are loose it will be an exact weight.

  • The type of metal the piece is crafted of and the quality (the percentage of pure gold, platinum, or silver to alloy).

  • Identification of manufacturer when possible.

  • Any treatments the gemstones may have received.

  • The value (retail or fair market) of the piece.

  • A photograph of your jewelry item.


Insuring Your Jewelry


An appraisal is very important if you plan on insuring your jewelry. Most home owners insurance will only cover the theft of a jewelry item. However, if you have your jewelry insured, in most cases, it will cover the cost of the item if it is lost (this includes gemstones that might fall out), stolen, or damaged. Check with your insurance company about the different types of jewelry insurance they offer. It is a minimal fee and is well worth the money should something happen to your item. The type of appraisal you need for insurance is a retail appraisal, that way your policy should cover the full cost to replace the item. These should be updated about every 3-5 years or so.


Private Sales


If you have jewelry that you would like to sell, an appraisal is a good idea for a few reasons. First of all, it establishes credibility with your potential buyer. An appraisal helps the buyer know that you are accurately describing the jewelry and you have the documentation to back it up. You can choose to have the appraised value displayed but you don’t have to do that. However, knowing the fair market value (which is determined by current market prices) will help you decide what your asking price should be. Keep in mind, the price you ask for an item as a private seller is going to be less than an established business can get – but you can ask for whatever you want. Who knows, you might get it.


Liquidating Assets


Jewelry appraisals are necessary for liquidating assets for a variety of reasons; most notably in cases of divorce or when settling an estate. The liquidation of assets is a lot like private sales. People sell their jewelry to get cash that can be used for other things – or split evenly to settle financial issues or obligations. A fair market appraisal is what you need to show the current market value for the item(s) being sold – but if it is necessary to liquidate quickly you may need an orderly liquidation value.


Estate Planning/Distribution

As mentioned above, appraisals are useful for liquidating jewelry assets when settling an estate. This makes it easier to distribute jewelry items. Of course, not all items have to be liquidated to distribute assets evenly. Knowing the market value of items can ensure that everyone gets what they have been promised, even if specific pieces are not mentioned in a will. Having appraisals done before you plan your will, or start to distribute assets, will help you to know the monetary value of certain pieces so you can plan accordingly.


At Gabriel Jewelers we have an on-site appraiser. You can call any time to schedule an appointment and we do welcome walk-ins. For most items you can wait in the store for them to be appraised but if you have several pieces, or complex pieces, it may take a little longer. Our appraiser will let you know. If you have any questions, please give us a call.



Restringing Pearls

If you’re looking to restyle an outdated pearl bracelet or necklace, or to tighten an older strand of pearls, you already know that you’ll need them restrung.  But did you know that pearl restringing is necessary not just to revamp the look of your pearl strands, but to preserve the quality and beauty of your pearls for years to come? 

Quality pearls are strung on thin silk strands which can weaken, stretch or discolor over time.  Consequently, anyone who wears her pearl strands regularly should have them restrung once a year in order to make sure that the strand doesn’t rip and that the pearls aren’t inadvertently scratched or damaged, while women who wear their pearls occasionally should make sure to restring their strands every 2-3 years.

Whether you’re looking to preserve the style that you’ve always loved or to turn your existing strands into an entirely new design, Gabriel Jewelers pearl restringing team can turn your vision into reality. 


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