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   Sell Your Gold


Gold prices are rising, and now is a great time to sell all that gold that has been collecting dust in your jewelry box. You can sell your old jewelry and use the money to take a much needed vacation, buy something you’ve had your eye on, or pay off debts that have been weighing you down. In addition to gold, we also buy platinum, silver, and even your old dental gold.

Perhaps you have seen commercials that advertise gold buying services which require you to mail in your jewelry. You may have even heard the horror stories from people who actually did mail their pieces in, expecting a big fat check but received far less than they should have.

You can trust your precious metals to those places and hope they will be honest – OR You can trust Gabriel Jewelers to treat you right! We are a locally owned and operated NJ jewelry store with a stellar reputation for treating our customers fairly. We are honest, trustworthy and have decades of experience to prove it.


So how does gold buying work? It’s simple as simple as 1-2-3…
  • First, we evaluate, test and weigh all of your items.

  • Next, we let you know what your items are worth.

  • Then, if you decide you want to sell, we pay you on the spot!


What You Can Expect


Here’s the breakdown of what you can expect to happen when you visit us to sell your gold and other precious metals.




The first thing we do to evaluate your items is to separate them by metal type. On each piece of jewelry there should be a stamp letting us know what the purity of the metal is. For instance, if there is a 24k stamp on an item that means it is 100% pure gold, if it has a 14k stamp that means there is 58.3% pure gold and the rest is alloy. Knowing how much pure gold, platinum or silver is in an item will help us determine its value.

There may be some items that do not have a stamp, or the stamp is worn and difficult to read. Keep in mind that just because a piece doesn’t have a marking does not mean that it isn’t real; we will simply put it in another pile and move on to our next step.




The next thing we do is perform quick and simple tests on the gold to confirm that the karat markings are accurate. At this time, we also test the pieces that don’t have marking to see if we can determine the gold content.




The last thing we do is weigh items in each group based on karat, and then we use that to determine the price based on the current market value. We carefully calculate what your gold and other precious metals are worth then offer you a generous price. If you are satisfied with our offer, then we will pay you on the spot!




We also buy diamonds at Gabriel Jewelers. You can count on us to provide you with a fair price for your dazzling gemstones. Diamonds are evaluated and priced based on the 4Cs; color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. After our expert appraiser has assessed your diamond, we will offer you a fair price. Then, if you decide to sell we will pay you that day.


        Have questions about gold and diamond buying? Call us today!  973-541-0800            

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